Worrying Means You Suffer Twice

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you know what...

we like to say tumblr is toxic, but you know what is? mindsets. people's mindsets are toxic. and reblog system allows us to spread toxic mindsets at the speed of light, without checking the source and thinking for ourselves, wherever we are.

also, from my pov, on sites like tumblr we're constantly open to all the bad news in the world, and it makes us woke, but also sad, and angry, and guilty, and scared. we also vent. but because all posts are rebloggable, our anger and guilt and sadness gets spread too, even if it's a vent we didn't mean to spread, and now it's everywhere.

and it's starting to seem that we're screaming at each other, even if in the beginning, our pain was caused by something way outside of tumblr.

people feel alienated, confused, distrustful, toxic people play on that and toxic mindsets grow further, until everything becomes black and white as we lose the ability to see in color.

people on waterfall are people, too. but now, it's a blank canvas and we create content ourselves. so if we want waterfall to be less toxic, instead of just hoping this site will be better, we should at least try to create non-toxic environment, starting with ourselves and our posts. we can start being a little self-aware, since writing a post is a little more thoughtful and personal way to formulate a thought than simply clicking reblog. maybe we should proof-read whatever we type, and think of how it affect ines who read it, or at least note stuff in the tags.

or maybe just do what you think good people do, being the change you want to see might work!

toxic people will come, but i think we can protect ouselves from them - by getting away from their toxic mindsets, not engaging in pointless discourse, and a good blocking system.

we can do it!

lime -

remamber this, this is a blank canvas

lets paint in color this time

not just black and white


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I'm new in town.

I'm getting used it this site and I probably wont use it us much.

I like Sanders Sides, Rise of the Guardians, Doctor Who, Coraline, Gravity Falls, and others. I hope that

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Hi I like the 3 first things so good to meet you

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Good to meet you too!

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Heyyy I like Gravity Falls and Rise of the Guardians! :)

This was made September 11, 2018. Commission for Saberclaw Productions on YouTube.


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Aros and Aces are part of the LGBT+ community and are valid no matter what!

Test post. Old ish image done in Apophysis 7.

I like the program but without following tutorials I have zero idea how to make pretty things XD

My Ships

Alright so I made a separate page on my blog, (because I'll probably bore a lot of ppl if I post it as a text on here) which tells everyone of all the ships I can currently remember at the moment. BEWARE: I AM A HUGE MULTISHIPPER.

Here it is:


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I have a bit of discourse for y'all:

mint chocolate

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Honestly unfollow me if you dont respect mint chocolate as the most superior flavor

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I freaking love mint chocolate! It's tied for #1 along with chocolate!

trans rights are human rights

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So I'm at a standstill right now so if you post/reblog the following things can you please reblog so I can follow you:

~Harry Potter (especially gay/lesbian ships like drarry, pansmione, grammander, and blairon)

~Riordanverse (includes PJO, HOO, ToA, Magnus Chase series, Kane Chronicles)

~Shadowhunters/The Mortal Instruments (and it's prequel(s) and sequel(s) aka The Infernal Devices and The Dark Artifacts)

~The Mazerunner

~Teen Wolf

~Gravity Falls (especially about Billdip)

~Fics/Shipper stuff from any of the above are fine by me too!

~LGBTQ stuff

Don't reblog if you're:

~A Terf/Nazi



~Any kind of LGBTQ+ phobic

~An all-around jerk

**Also if you wanna be friends, I'm cool with that! Warning: I may be very awkward though**

New Blog

Heyyy so Tumblr's been pretty off lately but just to be on the safe side, I have decided to make a blog on here as well! So I WILL be posting on Tumblr until things get really rocky BUT I will also post stuff on here too!

I'm a fandom related person and may post stuff from the fandoms I'm in and fics that I write!

Stuff about me: I'm 16, bisexual, she/her, multishipper and multifandom, bookworm, and writer (I have a WattPad, Quotev, and Ao3), INTP, Slytherdor (Primary Slytherin; Secondary Gryffindor), Divergent (Erudite and Dauntless), Cabin 13 and legacy of Athena

Fandoms: Harry Potter, Riordanverse, Shadowhunters, The Mortal Instruments, Divergent, Warrior Cats, Legend, Gravity Falls, The Mazerunner

My Tumblr is @scorpittariusslytherdor and so is this blog just in case anyone from Tumblr wanted to follow me on here :)

I look forward to posting stuff and seeing all y'all :D