I'm new in town.

I'm getting used it this site and I probably wont use it us much.

I like Sanders Sides, Rise of the Guardians, Doctor Who, Coraline, Gravity Falls, and others. I hope that


Hi I like the 3 first things so good to meet you


Good to meet you too!


Heyyy I like Gravity Falls and Rise of the Guardians! :)

This was made September 11, 2018. Commission for Saberclaw Productions on YouTube.



Aros and Aces are part of the LGBT+ community and are valid no matter what!

Test post. Old ish image done in Apophysis 7.

I like the program but without following tutorials I have zero idea how to make pretty things XD

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My Ships

Alright so I made a separate page on my blog, (because I'll probably bore a lot of ppl if I post it as a text on here) which tells everyone of all the ships I can currently remember at the moment. BEWARE: I AM A HUGE MULTISHIPPER.

Here it is:



I have a bit of discourse for y'all:

mint chocolate




Honestly unfollow me if you dont respect mint chocolate as the most superior flavor


I freaking love mint chocolate! It's tied for #1 along with chocolate!

trans rights are human rights


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Blogs to Follow

So I'm at a standstill right now so if you post/reblog the following things can you please reblog so I can follow you:

~Harry Potter (especially gay/lesbian ships like drarry, pansmione, grammander, and blairon)

~Riordanverse (includes PJO, HOO, ToA, Magnus Chase series, Kane Chronicles)

~Shadowhunters/The Mortal Instruments (and it's prequel(s) and sequel(s) aka The Infernal Devices and The Dark Artifacts)

~The Mazerunner

~Teen Wolf

~Gravity Falls (especially about Billdip)

~Fics/Shipper stuff from any of the above are fine by me too!

~LGBTQ stuff

Don't reblog if you're:

~A Terf/Nazi



~Any kind of LGBTQ+ phobic

~An all-around jerk

**Also if you wanna be friends, I'm cool with that! Warning: I may be very awkward though**

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New Blog

Heyyy so Tumblr's been pretty off lately but just to be on the safe side, I have decided to make a blog on here as well! So I WILL be posting on Tumblr until things get really rocky BUT I will also post stuff on here too!

I'm a fandom related person and may post stuff from the fandoms I'm in and fics that I write!

Stuff about me: I'm 16, bisexual, she/her, multishipper and multifandom, bookworm, and writer (I have a WattPad, Quotev, and Ao3), INTP, Slytherdor (Primary Slytherin; Secondary Gryffindor), Divergent (Erudite and Dauntless), Cabin 13 and legacy of Athena

Fandoms: Harry Potter, Riordanverse, Shadowhunters, The Mortal Instruments, Divergent, Warrior Cats, Legend, Gravity Falls, The Mazerunner

My Tumblr is @scorpittariusslytherdor and so is this blog just in case anyone from Tumblr wanted to follow me on here :)

I look forward to posting stuff and seeing all y'all :D